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Ms. Nicole Azaán,

The V.I.P Coach®



Nicole Azaán is the founder and CEO of V.I.P Coaching, LLC and Consuetude Consultancy. In 2012, Nicole was the youngest professional (under age 30) to earn four certifications in Coaching.

After  a decade of private practice, Nicole was contracted to use The V.I.P Coaching® Model to improve agent performance and profits in corporate America.

V.I.P Coaching® delivered sustainable results in record time with unprecedented success for various Fortune 500 companies, including TIAA-Cref & American Express. With verified success in corporate and private practice, in 2016, Nicole earned certification as a Behavioral Consultant in DISC Analysis to enhance client communication.

Nicole incorporated V.I.P Coaching®, LLC in 2017 to provide Virtual Coaching, Executive Certification and Branding & Management to individuals, small businesses and global corporate clients. Consuetude Consultancy continues to provide Bestseller Media & Literary Publishing.

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The V.I.P Coaching® Model trains you to utilize The Elements of Solution: Vision, Intention & Purpose. In LIVE distance sessions (via phone or video conferencing), we customize your Personal Action Plan. You will master the Action Steps: Cultivate, Clarify, Understand to shake inertia and unlock answers.

  • Life
  • Relationships
  • Executive Consultations
  • MasterMind Groups
  • DISC Personality & Communication Analysis
  • John Maxwell Team
  • Health/Nutrition
  • Management & Branding
  • Trauma/Sexual Assault

You have everything you need to change inside of you! Let’s coach for BEST results.

V.I.P Coaching®

•Life •Relationships •Business Virtual Groups

Level Up Women’s Business 




Maximize your Private Group with virtual Mastermind   V.I.P Coaching®




International Coaching Federation (ICF) client satisfaction study confirms the Benefits of Coaching with positive impact upon individuals.


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 Enroll in Relationship PATTERNS V.I.P Coaching Online Group

Changes Women's Group

CHANGES Women’s Life V.I.P Coaching® Group

12-Week Communication And Conflict Resolution V.I.P Coaching® Program

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